Ironman 2014 Kona World Championship UK TV Highlights

A quick heads up for those in the UK, Channel 4 broadcast the Ironman 2014 Kona World Championship UK TV Highlights at 7am this morning. The programme is available for the next 30 days. (Sorry to say guys that at the time of writing 22/01/15, the Channel 4 highlights have gone, I’ve not yet found any other sources either, sorry folks!)

Ok, through some random exploring i’ve managed to find non-highlight versions on YouTube, i’ve put these in a separate playlist. It’s not ideal but if you’ve a spare 10 odd hours to spare…..

I’m sure if you have an interest in Triathlon you already know the result but it was a great race, with good performances from many UK athletes and some top performances from all the pros! I did a write up on the results earlier with some of my random thoughts and musings.

There is a focus on the leading European contenders; defending champion Frederik Van Lierde, contenders Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle.  On the ladies side, Daniela Ryf, Caroline Steffen, Rachel Joyce and the very non-European Mirinda Carfrae (no event would be complete without mentioning her!) A bit of a change from the US highlighted stars like the usual NBC Highlights I end up watching on repeat via YouTube! Oh and no idea why they chose ‘voice over guy’ as the commentator!!

I’ve added an Australian edit of the highlights to the YouTube list below, it’s solely focussed on the athletes with no real age group information but it’s a decent watch!

Finally the USA NBC highlights show has appeared on YouTube too, it’s not the best quality at the moment but hey. As before I’ve added it to the playlist below so please enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Ironman 2014 Kona World Championship UK TV Highlights”

    1. Hi Charlie Tri, sadly not from any legitimate source, no. It does exist if you search specifically for the NBC version but it’s not readily available. I am actively looking too, like I assume many people are. Sorry….

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