Triathlon and Me….

That wonderful page that exists on the internet, the ‘About Me’ page.  A good proportion of me isn’t entirely relevant to this site as the idea of triathlon is a new one.

I used to be a runner, fairly good back in the good old schooldays but then due to a number of reasons ranging from laziness through to injury (actually more the other way round) I stopped running. In October 2013 i received the great news (I think!) that I had finally got a place in the London Marathon for 2014. I had applied every year for as long as I could remember only to constantly miss out. This presented a bit of a dilemma in the sense that I was relatively unfit having done nothing but a handful of mountain bike rides in the previous 12 months. Additionally an ongoing back injury that had been present for years didn’t combine well with a 4 hour total daily commute with a full day at the office in the middle!

The marathon didn’t go so well, despite training hard and growing in confidence, a knee injury sustained 2 weeks before manifested itself into something fairly serious and as of the launch of this blog, i’m still receiving physio treatment and can’t run.

The obvious solution to all of these issues was to embark on another silly and potentially cripplingly expensive hobby – triathlon!

One thing I am looking forward to is one of my favourite things, researching gadgets and shiny new things! One thing I have learned is the sheer amount of gear you need for a triathlon and whilst I know you can do it with a lot of existing equipment, being very competitive, I will be looking to get decent stuff to start and then procrastinating over future upgrades, liberal doses of man maths will justify it all I am sure!

3 thoughts on “Triathlon and Me….”

    1. Very true, but since writing that, i’ve certainly ‘needed’ and ‘wanted’ a great number of things. Strangely enough I seem to ‘have’ most of them too!

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