Swimming… or controlled non-drowning

I’m not sure if this counts as a great first post for a new blog, but hey it’s where we’re at right now, so the first post it shall be!

Like many triathletes (he says talking as though he is one) I come into this sport as a newbie but with some degree of ability in one of the disciplines, in this particular instance, running. I have been known to hurtle around the countryside a little on a mountain bike too but having never owned a road bike, would hardly call myself an expert there either. Swimming on the other hand…. let’s just say, it’s not my strongest discipline. I can jump in a pool and swim a mile in some sort of breastwork without having to stop, but when it comes to front crawl I am definitely more of a ‘get to the other end of the pool without drowning’ kinda guy.

I’ve now had 5 swim sessions in total, 2 of them with the local triathlon club and 3 on my own. Things are definitely improving but i’m still struggling with breathing properly and, possibly as a result of carrying a knee injury and having an inguinal hernia, I am struggling to get my legs working properly in the pool. According to one of the coaches at the club I have a runners/cyclists kick to my swimming – whatever that means – I mainly take it to mean, not what it should be!

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